E.L.F. Eyelid Primer: The Review

Before I head to work I thought I'd leave a review of the ELF eyelid primer that
has been compared to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. 

I purchased this primer a while ago at Kmart. It's only a $1, so I didn't expect
it to do much. Well much to my surprise I definitely got more than what I 
bargained for. It goes on very light, dries quickly and holds my eye shadow
for quite a long time. 

The packaging is sleek-ish. It has a nice doe applicator very similar to a lip gloss.
I feel like the UDPP is not as convenient to carry around. 
So how does it compare? Well the E.L.F. primer is a good second.
While it does not last as long as the UDPP IMO it has a really good hold
and really lets the colors shine through.

Here I have an eye shadow that I've swatched. One being on the primer
and the other without. As you can see the one with primer is much more
vibrant in color. The one next to it looks like it's almost fading away.

What is your favorite primer?

Pink Picks: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Makeup

This foundation has been my new found love. 
I used to wear the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
religiously but it honestly stopped impressing me.
I grew frustrated with the fact that it dried up and gave
me flaky looking patches in my skin.
 While at first use I thought 
it accentuated my dry spots it actually was my facial that why drying my face out.
I really like how natural this looks on. It blends easily without being cakey
or heavy on the face. 

What I really like about it it's smell and texture. It's thin enough
to blend easily but it doesn't become streaky or dries too quickly.
I have this in Nude and while it would normally be a bit 
on the darker side for me I have been fake tanning a little bit with a product
that will be coming up soon, so right now Nude is a really good fit for my skin tone.

I picked this up for 75% off at Rite Aid but it's normally around $13.00.
A good pick :)

What is your favorite foundation?

Rimmel London: Glam'Eyes Trio

When I first saw the Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Trio in 740 Fever
I was in total awe of the colors. First off because for me it's the hardest thing ever
to find really pigmented purple shadows at the drugstore. 

(w/o Flash)

I really love how all three colors really compliment each other. The darker
mauve purple is so pretty paired with the light lavender. I like that
the sparkles are fine when applied to the face so I don't get much fall out.
The only cons I would have to saw is that the eyeshadow is a bit too
powdery for my taste. 

(w/flash to show sparkles)

I really do like this palette and while I think I have to 
use it more to be totally in love with it.
The package says it compliments green eyes rather well so
any green eyed girls should probably try this!

Overall I'd give it 3.5/5. Not so bad right?

(w/o flash)

I picked this up at Walgreens for $4. 


 What are some of your recent fave eyeshadows?

Glam’Eyes and gorgeous – now’s the time to start having fun with your eyes

Rimmel have made eyeshadow more exciting with their powerful silken powder formula that glides onto eyes

My February Glam Bag!

My glam bag is finally in!
I was so excited to partake in the whole My Glam phenomenon. I 
was lucky enough to get notified in time to actually be able to sign up for the
monthly membership. I think with My Glam the December bag made 
it for everyone. This month it came with tons of really cute and useful items!

So what was inside?

-One Goji Berry Facial Hydration Mask
-One Deluxe Sample of "X Out" Shine Control Moisturizer
-One $100 Gift Certificate for Nume
-One Roll On Shimmer by NYX
-Two Premier Facial Masks
BONUS GIFT: 2 Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares


If you get subscribed to a monthly sample company
which one do you recommend/like?

PINK PICKS: Physicians Formula: Shimmer Strips Eye Candy Collection

While I haven't ever been much of a fan of Physicians Formula, I have lately been trying some of their products. This one in particular is a GREAT buy. Yes they're are a lot of browns.
All the colors are amazing and with the bright purple you can mix and match tons of looks. 
The shimmer and consistency of these shadows are just perfect!
I find that this really compliments brown eyes (which I have) and the colors
range from light gold to dark mahogany brown. 

9 colors and they all swatch to perfection!

(Swatched w/flash)

PS: It does come with an angled sponge applicator that I didn't picture!