How I survived college! Freshman year advice.

Like most freshmen starting out their first semester of college, I struggled! When I first began my blog I was barely starting out my first semester. I am graduating next year, so you can say I've learned A LOT in between then. Since I've accumulated these tips and tricks I've never READ the chapters of ANY textbook (well except for math homework). So let's see what I got:

School Supplies
If it's any consolation I don't buy brand new school supplies every year. I buy one pack of my favorite pens the Pilot G-2 gel pen or if I'm taking a math class I'll use the Pilot FriXion (they're erasable). Add a highlighter, mini stapler, a notebook and you're good to go.

I've tried everything to hold my papers in: binders, file folders, multi-subject notebooks, regular folders. What works for me is one regular notebook for each class and one folder for all classes to hold syllabi, handouts and returned work. Trust me, once you start college you won't want to be lugging around a huge binder or textbook.

A planner however is ESSENTIAL, I pick one out from my dollar store or Big Lots but you can get a little fancy and buy really cute customized ones (I'm looking at you Erin Condren). 

Rate My Professors
Talk about a game changer. This website has helped me every year. It's basically a review site for professors in colleges and universities worldwide. You can see what other students thought about the class, advice for passing, average grade earned, easiness level etc. It's awesome for picking out the professor that matches your needs!

I am procrastinator extreme when it comes to studying. I HATE reading textbooks. I'm proud to say I graduated with honors without opening my textbook unless I absolutely HAD TO. It's boring for me to sit down and read text for hours on end. That's why I use websites like Khan Academy, WolframAlpha, and Quizlet. They have interactive videos, widgets and study guides so you're learning while not feeling like you want to rip your head out. Quizlet has pretty much come in handy for everything, it's my go-to website when I need to cram information in last minute.  

Note taking
Obviously you have to take good notes during lecture time. I make sure to take out my colored markers, highlighters and a comfortable pen. Using colors has definitely helped me have a more enjoyable time during class. I always get complimented on how cute my notes look. I recommend fine tip markers like Stabilo or Papermate Flair.

Again in order to avoid any type of textbook reading I find alternatives. Taking a foreign language course? Try Duolingo. Need to stay organized? is the perfect mobile calendar. 

There are many Apps that can help you earn a little extra money. Let's be real no one likes to eat ramen EVERY DAY! These apps helped save me during times when student loans just overwhelmed my life.

Shopkick: I've been using this app for about a year? It's been great so far. I've earned SO many $10-$20 gift cards towards Sephora. Yes, FREE high-end makeup. All you have to do is scan items at grocery stores and you can even earn kicks for just walking into a store. It's awesome!!

Find & Save: Okay this by far is the easiest app! Just upload a picture of your receipt from any store offering cash back. It's that easy.

Ebates: If you like online shopping than this app is for you! Earn cash back for almost every purchase and also get a $10 gift card for the first $25 you spend. 


If you have clothes, shoes, bags, electronics or makeup that you haven't used in a while or haven't used at all this is the place to go. I've earned some money selling shirts that I though I would wear and just never did. It's a great way to clear out old items that are just sitting in a corner. If you use my code: CuT335 you can earn $2 towards your first purchase. I've found $10 VS Pink sweaters and $20 Juicy Couture purses in amazing condition.

What are your tips and tricks that you've learned? 

** none of the companies mentioned are paying me for including them in my post.