I know it's been a while since I posted! I've been on trips here and there and I got lost
in blogging. Anyway I should be back for good with a couple of new posts.

I recently took a trip down to Van Nuys and I must say there cosmetic stores
have a much bigger selection than my local Sally's or really any store.
Sally's was having a sale on their China Glaze nail polishes and I picked up four!
I was a little bummed that they had run out of For Audrey's. 

Then I went to Amuse and Walmart and picked up 2 essentials the
Hard Candy Glamoflauge and a NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk.

Any recents hauls for you?

Mall Haul!

This weekend I want a little crazy with my shopping. (You'll see more later)
and now my credit card is feeling the burnnn. lol. 
I did have fun though!

So what did I get?
I went to Sears and picked up some nail polish, Sally Hansen Haute Collection polish and
some earrings from Studio S. Then I went to F21 and picked up
sunglass which I really needed because it's starting to get really sunny out and some earrings
and a pretty rose bracelet. 
Overall I only spent about $40, not bad.

Any recent hauls for you guys?

Up & Up Daily Moisturizer Review

During the winter months I become extremely pale.
Because of this I like to use a gradual tanner or daily glow lotion 
to warm up my skin tone. 
I normally use the Jergen's brand but I was at Target and this little
bottle caught my eye. 

It's the generic brand of Target, Up & Up.
I believe they only have for darker skin tones right now
but that's fine with me because it means that I'll get darker quicker and I did!
In only a matter of days I was shades darker and I had a nice
bronzed look. 

It's not a huge drastic change but it's nice to have when you want to look a little less ghostly!

What's your favorite moisturizer? 


I recently took a trip to the a mall that's about 1.3 hours away from me
and I saw that they had a LUSH. I love Lush, every time ago
I leave with at least a bath bomb.

Though this isn't a huge haul, I thought I'd share what I got. 

The first one is the Pink bath bomb.
This smells really sweet and florally but not
enough to make me sick! It's so yummy
and the best part is it's pink with confetti inside. :D

The second one was my sister's pick for me. It's a the Big Blue bath bomb.
This smells very fresh and soft. It's a light scent.

I got a piece of the Porridge soap. This smells soooo good.
My favorite scent out of all three. It smells like vanilla
and sweet oatmeal. It does leave little bits of oatmeal
in the shower but I don't mind.

What's your favorite Lush product?

Pink Picks: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

What can I say about primrose except that it is the perfect pink lipstick!?
Definitely one of my HG lipsticks for sure.
I just picked this up about 2 weeks ago and have been using it ever since.

Revlon's formulation is always on point for me. I go straight to Revlon for my 
lip products. The super lustrous line has so many colors. Life's A Peach, Nude Attitude and
Barely Blossom among my favorites. 

As you can see in the swatch Primrose is a beautiful blue toned pink.
It works well with lighter skin tones so I don't know if I would be able to 
pull it off when I'm on my tanner. 

What's your HG lipstick?

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer: The Review

Before I head to work I thought I'd leave a review of the ELF eyelid primer that
has been compared to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. 

I purchased this primer a while ago at Kmart. It's only a $1, so I didn't expect
it to do much. Well much to my surprise I definitely got more than what I 
bargained for. It goes on very light, dries quickly and holds my eye shadow
for quite a long time. 

The packaging is sleek-ish. It has a nice doe applicator very similar to a lip gloss.
I feel like the UDPP is not as convenient to carry around. 
So how does it compare? Well the E.L.F. primer is a good second.
While it does not last as long as the UDPP IMO it has a really good hold
and really lets the colors shine through.

Here I have an eye shadow that I've swatched. One being on the primer
and the other without. As you can see the one with primer is much more
vibrant in color. The one next to it looks like it's almost fading away.

What is your favorite primer?

Pink Picks: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Makeup

This foundation has been my new found love. 
I used to wear the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
religiously but it honestly stopped impressing me.
I grew frustrated with the fact that it dried up and gave
me flaky looking patches in my skin.
 While at first use I thought 
it accentuated my dry spots it actually was my facial that why drying my face out.
I really like how natural this looks on. It blends easily without being cakey
or heavy on the face. 

What I really like about it it's smell and texture. It's thin enough
to blend easily but it doesn't become streaky or dries too quickly.
I have this in Nude and while it would normally be a bit 
on the darker side for me I have been fake tanning a little bit with a product
that will be coming up soon, so right now Nude is a really good fit for my skin tone.

I picked this up for 75% off at Rite Aid but it's normally around $13.00.
A good pick :)

What is your favorite foundation?

Rimmel London: Glam'Eyes Trio

When I first saw the Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Trio in 740 Fever
I was in total awe of the colors. First off because for me it's the hardest thing ever
to find really pigmented purple shadows at the drugstore. 

(w/o Flash)

I really love how all three colors really compliment each other. The darker
mauve purple is so pretty paired with the light lavender. I like that
the sparkles are fine when applied to the face so I don't get much fall out.
The only cons I would have to saw is that the eyeshadow is a bit too
powdery for my taste. 

(w/flash to show sparkles)

I really do like this palette and while I think I have to 
use it more to be totally in love with it.
The package says it compliments green eyes rather well so
any green eyed girls should probably try this!

Overall I'd give it 3.5/5. Not so bad right?

(w/o flash)

I picked this up at Walgreens for $4. 


 What are some of your recent fave eyeshadows?

Glam’Eyes and gorgeous – now’s the time to start having fun with your eyes

Rimmel have made eyeshadow more exciting with their powerful silken powder formula that glides onto eyes

My February Glam Bag!

My glam bag is finally in!
I was so excited to partake in the whole My Glam phenomenon. I 
was lucky enough to get notified in time to actually be able to sign up for the
monthly membership. I think with My Glam the December bag made 
it for everyone. This month it came with tons of really cute and useful items!

So what was inside?

-One Goji Berry Facial Hydration Mask
-One Deluxe Sample of "X Out" Shine Control Moisturizer
-One $100 Gift Certificate for Nume
-One Roll On Shimmer by NYX
-Two Premier Facial Masks
BONUS GIFT: 2 Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares


If you get subscribed to a monthly sample company
which one do you recommend/like?

PINK PICKS: Physicians Formula: Shimmer Strips Eye Candy Collection

While I haven't ever been much of a fan of Physicians Formula, I have lately been trying some of their products. This one in particular is a GREAT buy. Yes they're are a lot of browns.
All the colors are amazing and with the bright purple you can mix and match tons of looks. 
The shimmer and consistency of these shadows are just perfect!
I find that this really compliments brown eyes (which I have) and the colors
range from light gold to dark mahogany brown. 

9 colors and they all swatch to perfection!

(Swatched w/flash)

PS: It does come with an angled sponge applicator that I didn't picture!

Review: Rimmel London Stir It Up Cream Eyeshadow

When I first saw this eyeshadow I was so excited for it!
I chose the shade "As If", when first opened it has this very pretty powdery
shimmery top and as you keep swatching the texture gets creamier.
With that being said I was sadly disappointed with this product.

While I love the size of this eye shadow because it's practically the 
size of a blush and the color did not disappoint it was terrible in it's staying power.
This eye shadow goes on quite cakey as well and even when put over primer
it lasted only minutes before creasing.

The eyeshadow is really beautiful though it looks like 
a galaxy of blue, purple and flaky sparkles. 

(Up Close view w/ flash)


While these were my results this could possibly work for other people.
This was just my experience with it and I definitely won't be buying other colors.
Overall I'd give this a 5/10. 

Currently Loving: Revlon Colorburst in Carnation

Totally random post, I know but I just wanted to tell you all
of an AMAZING lipstick that I bought the other day. 

Revlon has always been my all time favorite drugstore brand and this color in particular has been amazing.
It's a dark pink with a bit of shimmer.

What have been some of your current loves?

Pink Picks: Top 5 Fragrances

In no particular order:


I really love the sweet/spicy scent of Very Sexy. It reminds me a lot
of my high school days. The smell is different from what I'm used to (fruity/floral scents)
but I really do love this. 


This is a fruity scent that is not stickly sweet. It's very fresh
and light. It does have a lot of vanilla/candy notes but it doesn't overpower the fruity notes in
the perfume.


A really pretty feminine scent. It almost borders on powdery but
it's toned down and not too heavy.


I almost feel with Britney Spears' fragrances it's almost a love
or hate relationship. I know most people do love them and so do I!
Circus Fantasy by far being one of my favorites.


A recent buy but I have been using it everyday which means it's
added to my favorites. Sweet and girly.
Very young and almost smells like candy without feeling too young.

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MakeupbyJoyce is having an AMAZING giveaway!
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The Form:

1. Name your favourite song:
Blue Sunday- by The Doors

2. Name your favourite dessert:
Red velvet cake with Cream Cheese!!

3. What ticks me off:
When someone doesn't understand what I'm saying and gets mad because they insist they do.

4. When I'm upset I:
Cry- and call a friend to let it all out.

5.What's your favourite pet:
Our puppy Sugar. And the late Cookie- who gave us close to 12 years of love, loyalty, friendship, and her full attention.

6. Black or white:

7. Biggest fear:
Right now- anything happening to my unborn baby.

8. Everyday attitude:
Depends on what I'm going through- but I try to stay positive.

9. What is perfection:
Unconditional love

10. Guilty pleasure:

And I award... (drumroll please...)
Here are my 7 random facts!
  1. I spend most of my time with family-more than anyone.
  2. I'm pregnant!! (Had to mention it...)
  3. I'm a college student who's studying speech therapy.
  4. I am a huge The Doors fan.
  5. I take way too many cute pictures of our puppy Sugar.
  6. I crave sweets a lot- it's a bad thing, trust me.
  7.  I can be a little too emotional- and I hate it lol.

Thanks again to Blog of Shadows- it meant the world to me! =-)

Profusion 100 Color Palette Review!

I recently purchased this palette at Walgreen's. It is the Profusion 100 Color Pearl Eyeshadow Palette. 
The original price for it was $10, I got it 50% off so about $5.
At first glance it looks really cheap looking,
the lettering was fading and it didn't look very appealing to me.

When I came around to opening it I knew I had to get it! There were just so many colors. I have loved Profusion cosmetics for a while
now because of their amazing pigmentation! The eye shadows are crazily pigmented (for a lower end brand) and the color choice is decent. Not to say it didn't have some cons, the shadows tend to be very crumbly? 
They're super soft and creamy but as you go to put them on the fallout is prominent. 

Some swatches from each color group (pink, purples, blues etc.)

While not all the colors are necessarily "wearable", if you're
having a fun night out the many colors will be useful. 

It brings tons of colors! Very good buy and comparable to the Ultra Shimmer palette by
Coastal Scent or BH cosmetics. 

Final Thoughts: Good buy, get it before they go. If you've never tried Profusion I suggest you do. 
Doesn't compare to MAC or anything but it's really nice for a fun palette.