Mall Haul!

This weekend I want a little crazy with my shopping. (You'll see more later)
and now my credit card is feeling the burnnn. lol. 
I did have fun though!

So what did I get?
I went to Sears and picked up some nail polish, Sally Hansen Haute Collection polish and
some earrings from Studio S. Then I went to F21 and picked up
sunglass which I really needed because it's starting to get really sunny out and some earrings
and a pretty rose bracelet. 
Overall I only spent about $40, not bad.

Any recent hauls for you guys?

Up & Up Daily Moisturizer Review

During the winter months I become extremely pale.
Because of this I like to use a gradual tanner or daily glow lotion 
to warm up my skin tone. 
I normally use the Jergen's brand but I was at Target and this little
bottle caught my eye. 

It's the generic brand of Target, Up & Up.
I believe they only have for darker skin tones right now
but that's fine with me because it means that I'll get darker quicker and I did!
In only a matter of days I was shades darker and I had a nice
bronzed look. 

It's not a huge drastic change but it's nice to have when you want to look a little less ghostly!

What's your favorite moisturizer? 


I recently took a trip to the a mall that's about 1.3 hours away from me
and I saw that they had a LUSH. I love Lush, every time ago
I leave with at least a bath bomb.

Though this isn't a huge haul, I thought I'd share what I got. 

The first one is the Pink bath bomb.
This smells really sweet and florally but not
enough to make me sick! It's so yummy
and the best part is it's pink with confetti inside. :D

The second one was my sister's pick for me. It's a the Big Blue bath bomb.
This smells very fresh and soft. It's a light scent.

I got a piece of the Porridge soap. This smells soooo good.
My favorite scent out of all three. It smells like vanilla
and sweet oatmeal. It does leave little bits of oatmeal
in the shower but I don't mind.

What's your favorite Lush product?

Pink Picks: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

What can I say about primrose except that it is the perfect pink lipstick!?
Definitely one of my HG lipsticks for sure.
I just picked this up about 2 weeks ago and have been using it ever since.

Revlon's formulation is always on point for me. I go straight to Revlon for my 
lip products. The super lustrous line has so many colors. Life's A Peach, Nude Attitude and
Barely Blossom among my favorites. 

As you can see in the swatch Primrose is a beautiful blue toned pink.
It works well with lighter skin tones so I don't know if I would be able to 
pull it off when I'm on my tanner. 

What's your HG lipstick?