Up & Up Daily Moisturizer Review

During the winter months I become extremely pale.
Because of this I like to use a gradual tanner or daily glow lotion 
to warm up my skin tone. 
I normally use the Jergen's brand but I was at Target and this little
bottle caught my eye. 

It's the generic brand of Target, Up & Up.
I believe they only have for darker skin tones right now
but that's fine with me because it means that I'll get darker quicker and I did!
In only a matter of days I was shades darker and I had a nice
bronzed look. 

It's not a huge drastic change but it's nice to have when you want to look a little less ghostly!

What's your favorite moisturizer? 


  1. Where I live- most of the year it's inevitable being sun tanned. Winters here are a joke! So, I usually have to go for sun protectors and i love Neutrogena sun blocks. Spf 100 please!! =-) But the one you showed looks great too. If it gives you the color you want, that's awesome!