$5.00 dupe for the Naked and The Naked 2 Palette?!!

So I really have been wanting the Naked palettes by Urban Decay for a while now. I have heard they're very impressive and worth the $48 price tag but I found something that is easily comparable to the palettes!

When I say "DUPE" I use the term loosely because even though the colors are similar, it is very hard to find two eye shadows that are exactly alike in all three palettes but I found similar toned shadows. So if you're looking for something that has the same effect as the Naked palettes but with a smaller price tag than this could be your answer.

It is the ELF Beauty Book Neutral Eye Edition:

I really like this palette, the colors are extremely pigmented, creamy and blendible. The finish on the eyeshadows reminds me of the buttery texture from the Urban Decay palettes too. 

Here are some swatches:
w/flash (colors are a lot brighter and pigmented but the flash kind of washed it out a bit)



Here is the Naked One Palette

Here is the Naked 2 Palette

I labeled some of the ELF Shadows that are similar to the ones in the Naked Palettes
(Click to make larger)


I got my palette for $3.00 at Big Lots but they normally sell online and at Target for $5.00. 
This is a great buy for someone just starting out or who wants to have a good quality neutral palette.
I do not own the Naked palettes yet so I cannot physically compare swatches, but plenty of websites are doing comparisons and things like that so check those out for swatches. Tell me what you think!


  1. I haven't bought any of the ElF eyeshadows yet, but I love all the other products I've bought so far from them. Your swatches look awesome- so I just might now!!

  2. Yeah I really love the pigments of the ELF shadows! I definitely would consider it :)

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  4. simply stunning palette you can't go wrong with it :)

    Love your reviews :)

    cheers to you :)


  5. Oh we love dupes don't we? Great post hun&very helpful especially if u r on a tight budget.

    Btw thanx for ur lovely comment&following. I really appreciate it! Am following u too *hugs*

  6. Thanks so much! Yes dupes are always great ;)

  7. Surprised at what okay quality this is, the only thing I like elf for is nail polish, makeup brushes and stick blush. Other than that I haven't really had a good experience with this brand. I wouldn't go out and buy this palette because the quality doesn't seem that good, but I would suggest instead of elf why not get a few WetnWild palettes, those are super nice.

  8. That suprises me lol! A lot of people really love ELF and their eyeshadows. I guess it really just depends on the individual, Wet n wild shadows are superb too I love their Color Icon palettes. Thanks for the comment girl. :)

  9. hi! those seem quite beautiful and useful colors!☆

  10. Im so excited for the naked palette 2! <3