Winter Scents I ♥ from Bath and Body Works

Warm Vanilla Sugar® Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

Warm Vanilla Sugar
While most people either love or hate Bath & Body works fragrances, I must
say I really do like the smell of them. Warm Vanilla Sugar reminds me of the wintertime
and it's a grown up version on Vanilla Bean Noel. One of my favorites.

Slatkin & Co Leaves
I think Leaves is an all time favorite for many people. I adore this scent, it simply
reminds me of Fall and Winter which I love. It's very spicy and potent.

Twilight Woods
Twilight Woods has been a recent find and it always reminds me of Winter.
I don't think it's necessarily the notes in the lotion but more like the memories that
come with it.

Secret Wonderland
This smells so warm and amber like. A really deep scent that I enjoy
from time to time.


  1. Omg secret wonderland is so cool!!!

  2. Yes it is! I really love it. I heard it got discontinued?!?