First Review: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

This is my first review so let's just step right into it!

First off, Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse foundation is my favorite
foundation to use on the go. It doesn't require much blending, the coverage is great and it lasts for a couple of hours.

COVERAGE (1-10):
An 8 because although it covers well it is a mousse so don't expect
full coverage.

It lasts for a couple of hours (maybe 3?) and then it becomes absorbed.

It's quite small so it can even fit in your pocket (not that anyone would),
I carry it in a small makeup bag in my purse. The amounts are:
.64 oz. 18g.

The feel is just look a mousse, it's very lightweight and it doesn't require much
blending as I said before. Although it looks quite dark in the package when you
apply it to the face it's much lighter. This foundation for me is more yellow toned,
so if you have yellow tones you might want to try this foundation out. The smell
is a really light, lotion-y type of smell. I don't mind it at all.

Final thoughts:
This foundation works for me, the only problem that I have with it is if you put it on
and have dry skin, it will go over the skin and emphasize the dry parts of it.
I have combo skin so I make sure to mosturize before I apply this foundation so I don't
end up with dry looking patches on my skin. Other than that I really like this foundation
and will continue to buy it. I bought it for $3.50 at Big Lots but they have it for around $7.00
at drugstores.


  1. Great review, thank you!
    I wish you luck and many joy with your blog and I'm lucky to be the first follower! =))