$1.50 dupe for the Travalo!

If you're like my you have definitely heard of the Travalo. 
It's all over youtube and many beauty blogs.

The Travalo is a refillable atomizer spray for on the go spritzing
of your favorite perfume!


Photo Credit: Travalo.com

I first saw it on Youtube and really wanted to get it but I waited
a while to see if I could find something similar and I did for a 
fraction of the price tag!

I found the MyScent Atomizer!

I purchased this atomizer at Big Lots for $1.50.
They have many colors; blue, yellow, silver, pink etc.
It's packaging is similar to the Travalo
and I believe it's about the same size.

So far I filled it with my Pink Sugar perfume and it works nicely. It sprays 
well and I hardly had any spillage. The directions that were provided were not very
helpful to me (maybe because I have no patience to read directions) but after my first
few tries it all went well. 

While I do like the MyScent atomizer, there are a few differences
between this and the Travalo.

1. The Travalo does not have a funnel you simply take the cap off of your perfume and pump it through the small incision. The MyScent atomizer has a rubber tube which requires you to spritz or pour your perfume inside.

2. The Travalo has absolutely no spills while the MyScent may be tricky at first you may
end up with some spillage while getting the hang of it but it's not really a big deal.

3. The Travalo runs for $15.99 (which is not too bad), the MyScent is $1.50 at Big Lots
 more than 50% off.

If you're just a person that wants your perfume on the go the MyScent is definitely for you,
it's convenient and you can pick it up at your local Big Lots. While the Travalo is made a
tad bit more intricately, the MyScent does the job and pretty much does the same exact thing.
If you're planning on using the atomizer for expensive perfumes than I would suggest the Travalo
but if it's for a body spray from Victoria's Secret than you might want to consider the MyScent. 


  1. WOW! I love- and definitely checking this out!

  2. I got this too & then I saw a beautifully decorated glass style one at Walmart for $9. I think I might pick it up because it looks so much nicer.