Bath and Body Works/Walgreens haul!

This weekend I went out shopping and picked up a couple of things from Walgreens
and Bath and Body Works. The best part is everything was 50 or more % off.

If you're not familiar with the Bath and Body Works Outlet, it is heaven.
Literally everything is on sale!!!
They have old products to the latest ones that have come out.
I picked up the following products:
Sorry for the bad picture quality it was literally taken off my cellphone! lol.

The pricing was great:
Charmed Life Lotion
Original Price: $12.50
Sale Price: $3.12

Charmed Life Shower Gel
Orig. Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $3.00

Face Mask
Orig. Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $1.99

Rio Rumberry and Bali Mango Mini Lotions
Orig. Price: $3.50
Sale Price: $.99 **I believe this is the current price anyway**

Then I headed out to Walgreen's and bought some items there:

Both were on sale for $5.00 from the original price of $10

I got a Profusion ultra shimmery palette (very familiar with the 88 CS palette)
and a Haute Polish Collection from Sally Hansen. 

I'll do an in depth review of the Profusion palette later because I'm so excited 
about it!